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    Nanjing Billiton hung Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in imported hydraulic products, imported seals, industrial machinery, accessories and general parts sales and service integration company. The products are widely used in construction, metallurgy, mining, machinery, electric power, papermaking, railways, bridges, steel mills, oil field, petrochemical, wind energy and other fields. Professional technical consultants and sales team to provide you with the most professional technical advice and parts procurement services. Our main brand Rexroth, O & K, PARKER, SAUER-DANFOSS, Eaton Vickers, Harvey, Hagglunds, NOK, CFW, Sakagami, staffa internationally renowned brands such as hydraulic parts and sealing products. The products cover hydraulic valves, the mixer reducer, reducer fittings, vane pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps and swing motor, piston motors, seals, repair kits, as well as hose and pipe joints, quick connectors and other accessories. Division I pursue the "integrity, perseverance, pragmatic, hard-working spirit of enterprise, adhere to the" quality first, reputation first "philosophy, adhere to high quality products, competitive prices, satisfactory service for the domestic and foreign new old customer contribute.

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